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About Us!

Built in 1960 by the late Stevens housing developers ,the St Michael's Community Centre Welling continues to serve its purpose to the local community earning its place as a Bexley Borough landmark.


Steeped in history, it has provided many home grown organizations a cost effect facility to provide the local community essential activities. Many of which have a pedigree for cementing community spirit and unity.

Historically, and this is not a wives tale, archive records indicate that the boardwalks of the grand stage that encompasses the main hall, were once graced by the “Rolling Stones” and “The Who”. Records of the events indicate the phenomena occurred during their infancy, while showcasing their musical talent.


Moving forward over 50 years, little has changed in St Michaels Community Centre Welling's function and ability to serve its purpose.


Currently it hosts a generously busy roster offering education, pre school playgroups, art clubs, dance classes, martial arts, fitness, resident support groups, senior citizens clubs, and a regular base for essential NHS Blood bank donation and a weekly infant health centre.

Please take some time to study our timetable and follow links to any of the organization’s providing a service that could be of benefit to you and have the potential to include your participation .

We hope this site benefits you, and furthermore, we welcome any structural thoughts or ideas that can help us to improve the service we provide. Please feel free to contact us on the links provided.

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope we can offer you a chance to be involved further in the community which enhances strength in our ability of living together in a social, friendly, and caring society.

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